Equipping, Educating, and Empowering Families

Job Interview Skills Class

Job Interview Skills class is designed to help families to lend a job or move up the ladder in our current economy. The Job Interview course is offered once a month from 6:00 P.M to 7:00 P.M. This is a free course dedicated to helping people for job interviews. Students will be working with other classmates to strengthen and/or build the necessary tools to obtain a job. As technology continues to increase, finding a job will become more of a challenge. We believe that this course will provide our participants with the proper tool needed to prepare an interviewing for a job.

We acknowledge life is becoming more challenging, thus this course empowers families as they are entering the work field. With the help of team or volunteer, Throughout the course, students learn how to effectively communicate verbal and non-verbal. The importance of appearance including grooming; how to prepare a resume, etc..