Many of us look to better our lives through education. Others look to better their lives by being of service to others. Melissa Weeks has found a way to be of service to others by bettering their lives through education. She serves as the Community Class Coordinator for the English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at Hope for Families (HFF) in East Naples.

Melissa met HFF Board Chair Ruth Oris at a church event, and the two became fast friends. Ruth immediately invited Melissa to help with HFF, and with no hesitation, Melissa accepted. “I could see the passion Ruth had for families and that quickly became contagious,” Melissa recalls. “I had also been praying on how I could do more and give back in some way. The opportunity basically fell in my lap. God answers prayer!”

Melissa moved to Naples in 2014 with her husband John and son Myles. She currently works for a local financial firm as a Client Associate. In addition to serving as the Community Class Coordinator, Melissa also serves on the Board of HFF. As one of the key volunteers and Board members, Melissa has high hopes to help HFF move forward in its ministry. She recognizes that as the organization grows and serves more families, the need for financial support increases as well. Therefore, Melissa has also volunteered to help with the organization’s fundraising. “Our fundraising efforts will allow our team of volunteers to reach out into the community and serve a larger number of students,” says Melissa.

Melissa continues to serve this organization and its students because of her passion, which is fueled by the students themselves. She has become inspired by their willingness to learn and work hard to succeed, as well as their humility and love for life.

“I have seen friendships form in the classroom that cross racial barriers. Students helping students, complete strangers becoming acquainted and working towards the same goal, all to better themselves for greater opportunities,” Melissa respectfully states.

Thank you, Melissa, for your unwavering dedication to Hope for Families!